Mental Case

Mental Case is an original imitative piece that depicts the life of people who are affected by mental dilapidation. It tries to explain in details the so-called mentally affected persons. The piece has three stanza where the first section gives a picture of the persons who are seen to have sagging and wicked tongues that come from jaws that are just worthless because they do not add any kind of pleasure to the persons. Besides, it elaborates how these people have exposed teeth’s that stare as skull showing stroke on stroke of pain without the person showing any sign of fear due to a mental problem. Essentially, the people with the mental cases have misery boils making them sleeping, perished, and a walking hell from their hair through their hand palms and all over their body.

The second stanza portrays how the dead overpower the minds of these men. They are filled with reminiscences of homicides, which they got from the countless murders they experience out there in the streets or the society. Being so helpless out there, all they could do is walk over bogs of flesh that have blood coming out from lungs of people who loved laughing and were alive at some point in life. These people are used to a life of hearing guns and flying muscles of people being killed, thus, being folded with the wicked life beyond disconnection.