College Education Change Your Life?

In what ways would a college education change your life and, in turn, the lives of your loved ones and others around you

Acquiring college education would be the best thing for ever than anything else I have ever imagined. In our family we are six children and I am the fifth, yet, none of my elder brother and sisters have made it to college. Therefore, one can easily understand what I mean when I say college education will be a relief both to me and to my family, because I will be the first one to acquire the tertiary education in the entire family because even neither of my parents made it to college. Therefore, I will be regarded as a hero by breaking the awful situation in our family, where everyone has seemed to have difficulties in acquiring tertiary education since some had to drop out of school due to many reasons including lack of schools fees and one of my sister just dropped out and went to be married. It has turned out that I am the only potential person who can make it, and this will have a great impact to our entire family if I make it. I will be a role model where everyone in our extended family will be instructing their children to work hard like me so that they can make it to college like me. Of course after college I will get a descent well paying job in town, and this will awaken the entire community to encourage their children to go to school because there are good things ahead, with reference to me as the best example.