Introduction Nigeria has been overwhelmed by Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) with high rates of mortality and morbidity (Aneke & Okocha, 2016). SCD is an inherited disorder of hemoglobin that is responsible for abnormal sickle-shaped hemoglobin (Saraf et al., 2014). The burden of SCD is huge as it results to strain on health facilities, loss of […]

The cardiac action potential differs from the action potentials present in other body sections. It is a brief change in membrane potential across the cells of the heart, caused by movement of charged atoms that are so-called ions, in and outside the cell via proteins referred to as ion channels (C.A.P, 2017). The action potentials

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Introduction Over the history, there have been various cultural revolutions that have impacted the lives of the people. Cultural Revolution entails a change that impacts the way people in culture lead their lives. Some people feel some cultural revolution played a critical role in their lives than others. In this regard, the following discussion is

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Public relations in business can be explained as the method various businesses use to converse with their consumers. The importance of public relations is that it plays a major role in reputation and building strategies of any business. With the increasingly changing business world, consumers are able to access any information they may require about

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Education refers to the systematic process of learning whereby knowledge, skills, habits, values, and beliefs of a particular group of people are passed from generation to generation. Education is facilitated through various forms of teaching, training, and research. In a general sense education is the way to which a person is prepared to face challenges

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According to the journal Alcoholics, Anonymous (AA) is an organization known worldwide ,to be so successful, it is  playing a vital role in helping the individuals by availing social support aimed to help them quit alcohol. Most importantly the key purpose of this institution was to assist the members of the society to remain sober

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AMERICAN HISTORY A special skill for a particular situation is a factor that is considered to be one of the greatest determinants of leadership in comparison to the other listed factors. In our case leadership can be referred to as both a research area as well as a practical skill which surrounds the ability the

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Mental Case

Mental Case is an original imitative piece that depicts the life of people who are affected by mental dilapidation. It tries to explain in details the so-called mentally affected persons. The piece has three stanza where the first section gives a picture of the persons who are seen to have sagging and wicked tongues that

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Policy advocacy

Dear Buddy Carter- US House – Representative for GA district 1 (Republican) I am writing to urge you to appeal to vote out the Obamacare. Since its introduction, the policy has not been of much benefit to the citizens. It has caused more harm and calls for the need to revise it so as to

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